Course Withdrawal Policy

School Initiated Drop or Withdrawal

Students have a three (3) week grace period each semester term. The last day of this grace period is the ILO withdrawal date. The ILO grace period allows students to demonstrate course acclimation through continuing consistent engagement. Evidence of continuing consistent engagement includes, but is not limited to, multiple course logins per week, assignment submissions, communications logs, etc.

One week prior to the ILO withdrawal date, if a student's grade is below 60% and student has not demonstrated continuing consistent engagement, ILO will notify schools directly.

Individual school district policy may permit students to drop ILO classes for other reasons. In those cases, notification of student withdrawal/drop must be communicated by the student's coach or school administrator through the Genius registration system. Withdrawal /drop notification cannot be made by the parent or student.

When this is done within the the grace period, the student will be withdrawn without penalty and ILO will recommend and record the grade as "Withdrawn." When this is done after the ILO grace period, ILO will record a score of zero for all assessed items which were not completed. The course percentage is then calculated after those are added and will be recorded and recommended to the student's school. Exceptions to this policy will be at the discretion of the ILO Director.