Enrollment & Tuition


ILO is available to all Iowa students seeking high school level coursework. For students enrolled in public school districts, accredited non-public schools, and dually-enrolled home school situations, the local district makes the choice to partner with ILO and how many ILO classes a student can take. Find out about options for home-school families.

ILO currently does not offer enrollments for a specific teacher or customized student sectioning.

Are ILO courses available to middle school students? ILO courses are designed for high school students receiving high school credit. However, middle school enrollments will be allowed at the discretion of the local school district or home-school. How credit will be transcripted is a local decision.

Waiting List

When enrolling a student you may receive a notice that your student has been placed on the waiting list for that course. When a course reaches capacity, students are automatically placed on a waiting list in the order in which the enrollments are received. Should a seat become available, your student will automatically be moved from the waiting list to be actively enrolled in the course and will receive a confirmation email. Additional fees may apply to enrollments made active from the waitlist*. The waiting list transfers close when the term enrollment period closes.

If you have questions about enrollment or the waiting list process, please contact the ILO Registrar at registrar@iowalearningonline.org, 515-725-2075.


The ILO enrollment fee for Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 terms is $285. Additional fees may apply to enrollments made active from the waitlist*. If a student withdraws from a course within the first three weeks of a term, there will be no charge to the district/school. Billing will occur after this ILO withdrawal date each semester.

*Tuition for any Fall 2019 or Spring 2020 enrollment made active from the waiting list will be $315 per enrollment.

Certain courses require specific supporting materials (e.g. textbooks, software) that the local school must provide. These required materials are outlined in the course descriptions.

Public schools may not pass on the costs of ILO courses to parents/guardians during the fall and spring semesters; but may do so during the summer term (Iowa Code, Section 282.6). Non-public schools may pass on the costs of ILO courses during the fall and spring semesters and also during the summer term. If the cost of an ILO course is passed on to a parent/guardian, the local school is still responsible for making the payment to ILO. Home-school families enrolled through independent private instruction, competent private instruction, or private instruction will be directly responsible for fees.

Large Enrollments

Schools not requiring offer and teach services yet wishing to enroll fifteen or more students in a single Iowa Learning Online course segment will need to fill out a brief partnership planning agreement. This partnership agreement helps both your school and Iowa Learning Online plan appropriately. Prior to completing this form please contact ILO Registrar registrar@iowalearningonline.org to discuss your school's unique needs.