Can I earn credits or a diploma?
At the conclusion of a term, ILO provides the enrolling school with a transcript that includes the student’s percentage score and recommended grade. Students enrolled in ILO through an Iowa public or accredited non-public school and successfully complete the course are expected to receive credits. How credit will be transcripted is a local school decision. ILO is not a credit granting institution. Home-schooled students enrolled directly with ILO would, therefore, not be earning credits or a diploma.

Are Advanced Placement or AP courses offered through ILO?
At this time, ILO does not provide Advanced Placement courses. Online Advanced Placement courses are available through the Iowa Online AP Academy at the Belin-Blank Center, The University of Iowa. See http://www.iowaapacademy.org for more details.

What about HiSET (high school equivalency diploma test)?
At this time, HiSET is not a component of ILO.

I am entering the recommended ILO grade onto my local schools transcript. How do I complete the data entry fields for an ILO course in the transcript portion of my student information system?
The local school is still the institution provider. There is a field, Course Origination, where your school identifies the course as an ILO Online course, (6), Iowa Learning Online. There is another field called Delivery Method. This is a validation rule where you must choose internet/online as the delivery method. No ILO teacher folder numbers are required as the Iowa Department of Education has already ensured the teachers are appropriately licensed. For more information, contact Rachel Kruse at the IDOE, 515-281-4153.