Home-school Enrollment

Starting July 2018, home-schooling families may enroll their students directly with Iowa Learning Online (ILO). ILO is an Iowa Department of Education initiative designed to help Iowa students expand high school learning opportunities through high quality, rigorous courses delivered online.   


Any Iowa resident family using full or partial Independent Private Instruction (IPI), Competent Private Instruction (CPI), or Private Instruction (PI) may choose to enroll in ILO courses.

Families participating in dual-enrollment have two enrollment options:

  • Enroll the student directly in an ILO course as part of their home-school instruction and assume the tuition costs; OR
  • Request that the local district enroll the student in an ILO course, assume the tuition costs and provide district credit.  Note that the local district has the right to decline.


Parents of home-schooled students receiving independent private instruction, competent private instruction or private instruction should contact the ILO Registrar at registrar@iowalearningonline.org to enroll in ILO courses.

Family Responsibilities

Required Materials & Technology

The home-school is expected to provide the student with access to a computer with Internet connectivity and videoconferencing capabilities. Specific technology and/or material requirements for individual courses are described in the online course catalog. View a list of required materials and technology

Home-school Coach

Each ILO enrollment requires the local presence of an adult who has a vested interested in the student’s success and is dedicated to work with the ILO teacher and the student. This role can be a home school instructor, parent/guardian, tutor, etc. Responsibilities of this individual include:

  • Serve as a test proctor for the student and password protector to ensure the integrity of assessments.
  • Monitor closely the  student's progress in the ILO system so there are no surprises and students can quickly be identified if they need more assistance.
  • Inform ILO staff and teachers about any personal or technical issues that may impact a student's ability to successfully participate. Local families remain responsible for continuing to provide services for students with special needs.
  • Keep records of course enrollment, corresponding syllabi and final progress reports for each student as ILO is not a credit granting institution and the courses are not connected to a diploma.  

Tuition & Fees

  • Summer 2019 tuition is $260 per enrollment per semester course. Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 tuition is $285 per enrollment per semester. Additional fees may apply to enrollments made active from the waitlist. Find out more about ILO tuition and fees.
  • Certain courses require additional fees (e.g. textbooks, technology) which must be provided locally. Additional fees are outlined in the course descriptions.
  • All courses include a three (3) week free trial/grace period from the start of the term. If a student is withdrawn from a course within the first three weeks of a term, there will be no tuition charged. Find out more about the ILO course withdrawal policy.
  • ILO tuition and fees will be billed to the student’s primary guardian as identified at the time of enrollment.  
  • Tuition is due upon receipt of an invoice from the Iowa Department of Education.  ILO reserves the right to withdraw students who have an unpaid balance at mid-term of the semester.  

Grades & Transcripts

ILO is not a credit granting institution. Transcripts provided by ILO contain a list of courses taken, performance percentage, and recommended credit. Actual grades and credit are determined by the local enrolling entity.