Learning at a Distance

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Distance Learning Success Traits

Students who have these personality characteristics are most likely to succeed as distance learners.

  • Communicative: Students who are able to participate in class through both written and spoken word will succeed in online learning.
  • Motivated: Students who do not give up easily when faced with challenging materials and are able to prioritize their workload will more likely be successful distance learners
  • Assertive: These students aren't afraid to ask questions! They don't hesitate to ask for help with either content or technology. Consequently they are less likely to become frustrated and drop the course.
  • Methodical: Students need to log on to their courses every day so that they don't fall behind. They need to make a habit of checking for assignments, reading email and contributing to discussions.

Successful Online Learner Checklist

  • I have ready access to a computer.
  • My computer has ready access to the Internet.
  • I enjoy reading.
  • I like exploring new things.
  • I ask questions when I need clarification.
  • I enjoy working on the computer.
  • I understand that an online class will require as much as, if not more attention than, a face-to-face class.
  • I can work independently.
  • I have a supportive parent/guardian and school staff behind me!

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