Local School Responsibilities

The local school is expected to provide the student with access to a computer during the school day with Internet connectivity and videoconferencing capabilities. Specific technology and/or material requirements for individual courses are described in the online course catalog. In general, students are expected to have access to the same level of services they currently receive such as school counseling services, library/media center access, special accommodations, and textbooks for the course if necessary.

School Administrator

Public or accredited non-public schools participating in an ILO course are required to have a single point of contact for official registration, grade reporting, and support services. A School Administrator is typically a guidance counselor or principal.

Coach (Site Coordinator)

  • The Coach (site coordinator) is a school employee who may be certified or non-certified such as a school counselor, a teacher, an administrator or other support staff*.
  • The student's progress in the ILO Student Information System is closely monitored by the coach, so there are no surprises and students can quickly be identified if they need more assistance.
  • Also, coaches serve as a test proctor* for the student and password protector to ensure the integrity of assessments
  • Coaches keep ILO informed about any personal or technical issues that may impact a student's ability to successfully participate. The district is responsible for continuing to provide services for students with special needs.

*For dually-enrolled home school students, the Coach (site coordinator) will work closely with the student's home school instructor (i.e. parent) to ensure that needed support is provided. It should be noted that all tests and quizzes must be directly proctored by the Coach (site coordinator) not the parent.

Required Materials & Technology

Participation in ILO course requires students to have the following:

  • student email account
  • reliable bandwidth and Internet access (school technology staff may have to ensure Firewalls permit access to certain websites/services).
  • current version of modern Web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari 6, Internet Explorer 9 or above)
  • headphones (speakers are acceptable but not preferred)
  • webcam and microphone to participate in videoconferencing
  • Zoom videoconferencing software (free download http://www.zoom.us)

Additional required supplies vary from course to course. See Course Descriptions or the syllabus for specific additional materials for each course. YouTube video access may need to be arranged for various courses. Each local enrolling entity is responsible for obtaining the textbook or other required materials for the students they enroll in an ILO course. The local school will determine whether to purchase physical or digital editions of textbooks for their students.

View additional information on required materials and technology for ILO courses.