Five Ways ILO Benefits Home-school Families

Homeschool student

Many families in Iowa choose to educate their children at home for a variety of reasons. As an additional pathway, Iowa Learning Online is directly available to parents choosing full or partial Independent Private Instruction (IPI), Competent Private Instruction (CPI), or Private Instruction (PI) for their families.

There are many benefits to this option for Iowa’s home-schooled families. The most highly valued benefits include the following:

  • All ILO courses are rigorous and taught by fully licensed Iowa teachers. Parents will have access to their student's teacher and coursework and will be able to supplement the content, as they desire.
  • Courses provide flexibility in pacing allowing students to work within a structured schedule of due dates but with the ability to follow their own unique learning pattern.
  • Access to coursework 24/7 provides opportunities to engage at anytime, anywhere. This level of accessibility supports students who have jobs, who may be recovering from a medical issue, or who relocate or travel frequently.
  • Increasing personal technology skills through employing virtual tools  as well as using online resources, participating in interactive lessons, and discussion boards is a great way for students to improve technical efficiency.    
  • A record is provided to parents by ILO that includes a list of courses taken, a final performance percentage, and comparable credit.

Summer term begins May 23, 2019. View additional information about home-school enrollments. Contact the ILO registrar at with questions about course offerings or enrollment.