ILO Builds New Services to Help Schools Start Their Own Online Program

Branch Out - Iowa Learning Online with teachers from your own school


ILO is offering a new service to help schools take the first step to offering their own online service to meet local district needs. ILO provides the infrastructure and high school courses, and the local school provides the teacher.

  • Leverage your local teaching talent with your own students
  • Low-risk more affordable pricing without compromising local needs
  • Access to ILO's top-notch and customizable online curriculum
  • Courses all delivered on ILO's modern intuitive learning management platform
  • Detailed program, course and student learning analytics for data-driven decision making
  • Planning and implementation assistance from ILO's family of experienced online learning consultants
  • Opportunity for school branding and minor course customization
  • Introductory teacher support¬†
  • Prepare your school for a more globalized future

Retain your local focus by partnering with Iowa Learning Online.

For more information on how ILO can help your school or district, contact Gwen Nagel, or 515-419-3275.