Iowa Learning Online Course Fees

Iowa Learning Online (ILO) has offered free, online courses since its initial launch in 2004. As a result of our 2014 curriculum expansion, we have experienced unprecedented growth. With the end of our scale-up appropriation approaching, ILO will transition to a fee-based funding model.

The Department of Education will charge an enrollment fee of $250 per student, per semester course beginning in the Fall 2016 semester. ILO's Fall 2016 semester begins August 23rd and ends December 16th.

Beginning with Fall 2016 semester, if a student withdraws from a course within the first four-weeks, there will be no charge to the district/school. Billing will occur after the ILO withdrawal date each semester.

Public schools may not pass on the costs of ILO courses to parents/guardians during the fall and spring semesters; but may do so during the summer term. Non-public schools may pass on the costs of ILO courses during the fall and spring semesters and also during the summer term.

ILO continues to be a full-service online course provider, with Iowa-licensed teachers utilizing Core-aligned curriculum. ILO is excited to debut its new Canvas course management system creating a more robust and intuitive student learning experience.

For more information, contact ILO Director Gwen Nagel at 515-419-3275 or