Starting Fall 2017: Flexible Scheduling Options with ILO Semester Cohorts

To better meet individual student needs and diverse schedules of Iowa schools, ILO will offer two separate cohorts during the Fall 2017 semester. Offset by two weeks, the two cohorts will offer enrollment and scheduling flexibility within the first month of each term.

  • Fall 2017 Cohort A: August 23 to December 18
  • Fall 2017 Cohort B: September 6 to January 12

View a list of more than 40 available courses. Fall 2017 enrollment is now open.

Enrollment in Cohort A or B includes a four (4) week trial/grace period. After the grace period, the local school will be billed for the enrollment. If a school/student situation does not fit within either cohort (such as a late enrollment or other special circumstance), schools may contact ILO to discuss options for a special accommodation.