Parent Resources

Iowa Learning Online (ILO) is an Iowa Department of Education program which partners with local schools and families to expand student distance learning opportunities. ILO supports a variety of course subjects and student situations.  Find out more about ILO.

Your student’s online course will include a wide variety of learning events, assignments, discussion forums, video chats, projects and assessments. Students will have an opportunity to meet and collaborate with other students from across the state. 

Parents and guardians play an important role in ensuring student success with an ILO course. View the information below and contact ILO’s Student Services Consultant with any questions.

Advice for Supporting Your Student

Below are tips to support your student before the online class starts, during, and until the course is completed:

  • Encourage conversations with your student concerning pace and progress in their ILO course(s). See that your student establishes and maintains a regular study schedule.
  • Communicate with the student coach and ILO teacher to discuss the student’s achievement and progress. Check your email regularly to maintain communication with the ILO instructor and local school coach.
  • Review the ILO course syllabus with your student.
  • Become familiar with their student’s ILO course by logging in with the student or by creating a Parent observer account in the Canvas learning management system.

Find out more about success traits for online learning, and have your student take this simple online self-assessment survey to gauge their readiness for online learning.

Online Teacher and Student Coach

ILO teachers are highly qualified and experienced teaching online. Students will have many opportunities to interact with their teacher, and he or she will be the main point of contact with any questions about the content or working online.

The local school will also provide an on-site person who can help make sure students have the local support they need to be successful. We call this person a Student Coach, and it might be a teacher or other professional in the local building. Students can refer to the Student Coach for any problems accessing technology or materials for their course, or if you are having any other problems with your experience. 


Parents considering online courses should contact their local school district to discuss the option of taking ILO courses online while staying enrolled in their local district.

ILO Course Withdrawal Policy

Students who are not successfully engaged in their course within the first three (3) weeks of the term may be withdrawn from the course by the local school. Find out more about the ILO Course Withdrawal Policy.

Technical Requirements

Your local school will provide the student with the required technology and resources for the online course, but students may also choose to work on their course from home or another location. Find out more about ILO technical requirements.

Creating a Parent/Guardian Account in Canvas

ILO's Canvas system allows a parent/guardian to create a free Observer account for their student. This will allow parents to view the course and the gradebook.

  1. To create this account, the student must first generate a special pairing code the parent will use to connect their account. The parent will need to use this pairing code within 24 hours to create their observer account. If the parent/observer account is not created within 24 hours, the student will need to generate a new pairing code.
  2. Create a parent account at by clicking "Parent of a Canvas User? Click Here For an Account." Enter the pairing code and create a username and password for the system. *Note that usernames, passwords, and the pairing code in Canvas are case sensitive.
  3. Once the account is created, parents can login to ILO's Canvas system any time at

View the following Canvas support articles for more information.

Canvas Parent App

A parent observer app is available for iOS and Android. Parents and guardians can sign into this app using their observer account to view grades, course events and due dates, as well as set custom alerts for student activity and progress. Please note this app is still in Beta release with additional changes and updates anticipated. Download and learn more about the Canvas Parent App.


If you or your student have any questions prior to the start of the course, please visit, talk with your local Student Coach, or contact ILO’s Student Services Consultant. If the course has already started, questions can be directed to the online teacher.