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Public or Accredited Non-public Schools

Only a designated official (guidance counselor, principal, or superintendent) from Iowa public or approved non-public school districts may create a School Administrator account and enroll students in ILO courses. If you are a student or parent interested in enrolling in an ILO course, please contact your school or home-school coordinator.

All school administrators who are registering a student for an ILO course will need an account. Please complete the form on this page to request an account for your school. You will receive a verification email from ILO administration once your account request has been approved (within one business day).

Create a School Administrator account

Once your account is approved, you will receive instructions for the following steps:

  1. Create Student Account
    Once your School Administrator account is approved, student account(s) can be created. Basic academic and demographic information is required for each student. ILO requires each student to have a working email address.
  2. Create Coach Account
    All schools enrolling students in an ILO course are required to provide a Student Coach. The Coach is the local school staff member who meets on a regular basis with students to monitor progress in an ILO course. More information.
  3. Enroll a Student Into a Course Section
    Once the student and coach account are created, you can then enroll a student in a course section. Note that you will have to associate a coach with the student when you enroll them into a section. Note: ILO operates on a semester model, offering enrollments for Fall, Spring, and Summer. Students must be enrolled each semester for the appropriate segment of the course they wish to take.

Find out more about using the student information management system to create an account and enroll students.

Home-school Enrollments

Parents of home-schooled students receiving independent private instruction, competent private instruction or private instruction should contact the ILO Registrar at to enroll in ILO courses. Find out more about ILO home-school enrollments.


If you have problems registering, or if you have questions about the registration process, please contact us at