Where to Get Help

Below are the steps you need to follow to get your technical questions answered.

  • Check with Your Instructor. Your instructor should be your first point of contact for questions, and should be able to help you solve your problem or will know who can help.
  • Check Your Browser. Make sure your computer and Web browser meet the minimum technical requirements, and that you have the proper browser plug-ins installed.
  • Check the ILO Orientation Lesson in your course. Basic logging in and navigation questions may be answered in this orientation activity provided to you at the beginning of your course. Be sure to check the tips for Canvas, Genius and other tools on this page.
  • Context-Sensitive Help Online. The built-in Help feature of Canvas is always available when you are in a course. This help system will present information based on the tool or feature currently active in the system.
  • Search Canvas Guides. Canvas provides an extensive online library of searchable help documents.
  • If you are not able to address your technical issue with the steps above, contact techsupport@iowalearningonline.org or 515-725-9713.