World Language Course Placement

The Iowa Learning Online world language curriculum is comprised of a sequence of semester-length segments (ten segments for Spanish and French, six for German, and four segments of Chinese and Latin). Because of the variability in the way language instruction is administered in schools across the state of Iowa, ILO recommends that schools review detailed course descriptions to identify student readiness for a particular segment.

Below are recommended options available to you to help ensure appropriate placement in an ILO World Language course segment:

  1. View the detailed course descriptions for each segment to match student capabilities.
  2. If needed, request a consultation with ILO staff to address any questions you have about the curriculum of each segment. In some cases, a personal "interview" may be scheduled with an ILO world language instructor and your student to determine an appropriate placement.

Once you have selected the appropriate placement, enroll your student in the appropriate course segment. Regardless of the title of the ILO course segment a student is enrolled in, how the course is named on your school transcript remains a local school decision. School administrators who are accessing the system for the first time will need to create an account.

Once your student has started a course, several readiness checks are built into the first lessons to ensure they are correctly placed in an appropriate segment, including opportunities for writing and speaking as needed.

*Note: If the ILO teacher determines that a student's skill does not match the competencies in a specific course segment, the ILO teacher will contact the local school to determine on an appropriate response. The local school retains final decision-making regarding student placement.

ILO World Language Course Segments

View detailed course descriptions below to match the correct semester segment to student capabilities. Contact ILO to request detailed course syllabi and for additional information on the world language curriculum.

Questions & Consultation

For additional information, course curriculum details, or to request a consultation with ILO staff regarding world language placement, please contact Jonnie Becker,, 515-725-2075.